Bye Bye 2021, HELLO 2022!

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Bye Bye 2021, HELLO 2022!

Goodbye 2021 and HELLO 2022!!!

If i can sum up 2021 in a word…. it will be CRAZY! The joys of Covid have really pushed entertainment industry for the past 2 years. Looking back i am glad we got through it all with only some minor disruption.

At MC Entertainment we continue to grow, in 2021 i welcomed another DJ to MC Entertainment alongside myself, Emily. Emily has been DJing for a while and took over from her dad who ran a successful mobile business. With a growing family Emily decided the business was difficult to run and organise. Emily jumped onboard with MC Entertainment to help fulfil the amount of DJ requests we were getting. This was sometimes over 10 requests a week. Emily has recently given birth to her 3rd child in December 2021 and was DJing right up to 38 weeks!! She will now be taking some well deserved time off but will return soon in 2022 🙂

Alongside Emily, i have had other local DJs setup and assist me with gigs and requests. Its great to have a bunch of friends who are willing to help me out. Lee, Nige, Rachel and others have helped me as i get more and more requests.

So… 2022!! Im really excited for this year 🙂 i decided to put my all into the Isle of Man wedding scene as i feel this is where i am best suited. Yes i will still do parties and birthdays and any other parties requested but i love weddings. The energy you get from everyone at a wedding is off the scale compared to anything else. With this 2022 is in for a treat with MC Entertainment!

Plans… well i plan to expand, i hope the DJs that help me will realise the benefits i offer with assisting them with gigs even though they are still in theory my “competition” when people ask “I need a DJ who can do it?” I seem to get most of the requests when people ask and when im booked these other DJs are great to help. I have kind of moved into the management side where i deal with the customer/enquiry for all the information and then pass everything to the DJ. I have done this previously and not taken a cut in any money but this year i think i will be. End of the day its my business i want to grow and people ask for recommendations often. Not to be big headed but as i grow i feel i need to do this as people are asking me more and more. So i hope others will come on board but let’s see. All this business expansion talk is scary as its only an on the side job i do at weekends! Although the time and effort i put in is daily!

MC Entertainment setup in 2022 is ever improving. New intelligent DMX lights have been added to do some amazing effects, including spotlight first dances which will look incredible! Having control on all the disco lights to arrange colours and movements is brilliant and for a wedding will be fantastic i cant wait to see it in action!!

Also this year…. COLD SPARKS…. yes i will be getting cold spark machines. This will take weddings and events to another level and be a first for the Isle of Man as no one else does this effect….yet. Basically its a firework type explosion indoors but totally safe and cold to the touch so no worries of burning or setting fire alarms off! Well i hope not! When they fire the images and memories will be long lasting and will look incredibble. Im so excited to get these around March time!

So lets leave it there for now. 2022 bring it on! Im hoping to have my best year ever! 🙂

Below is a quick montage from a New Years eve party i did at the Empress Hotel. Lots of fun as always on New Year.

I will finish by saying thank you 🙂